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EasySource initiative

The significant evolution of Internet-based technology offers a universe of new opportunities for improving the way business is made.
However, taking benefit of these opportunities requires that companies launch the necessary actions as soon as possible. Being part of the first players to implement these changes represents a precious asset in competition, where only the fastest will be the winners.

In this perspective, Thomson multimedia has launched EasySource, an important and ambitious streamlining program for its Non Production Purchases (NPP) activities based on Internet technology. Our project is based on a global common and standard Internet-based tool to manage Business-to-Business procurement activities via a worldwide eMarketplace network.

This eMarketplace network will interconnect Suppliers and Customers from different industrial sectors, as far as Non Production Purchases are concerned. All Thomson multimedia NPP requisitioners will access to the eMarketplace in order to place their purchase orders following predefined sourcing rules. The cost of the eMarketplace will be shared between Customers and Suppliers.

We are convinced that our project will bring significant value to the suppliers that will decide to partner with us. Some key advantages for Suppliers we have identified are:

... potentially increased Sales Volumes through

  • the access to all Thomson multimedia sites worldwide through one standard tool
  • the promotion of global relationships between Thomson multimedia and its preferred Suppliers
  • the elimination of non-preferred Suppliers
  • the improvement of contract coverage rates / reduction of contract leakage
  • access to other clients through the eMarketplace network

    ... potentially reduced Sales Costs through

  • reduced Order to Cash time thanks to streamlined invoice approval processes
  • reduced inventory through real-time order information
  • potential integration with your own information system
  • easier access to market data & statistical reports.



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