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> Thomson multimedia Initial Public Offering

Thomson multimedia Initial Public Offering
(November 1999)

What was the service rate of the orders placed during the Initial Public Offering ?

As the operation was over-subscribed, shares ordered by individuals have been allocated under the following conditions :

  • If a reservation had been made, as many as 6 shares (129 euros) was integrally allocated. The part between 7 and 35 shares was allocated proportionally at 81.67%.
    Therefore, if you reserved 35 shares, you were allocated 29 shares.

  • If no reservation had been made, no share have been allocated.

    What are the specificities of the shares bought during the Initial Public Offering ?

    Shares bought during the Public Offering :

  • Are free of custody fees during 18 months, in all banks and financial institutions where the shares can be registered.


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