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Executive Committee

The Executive Committee coordinates the implementation of the Group's strategy and monitors business operations.

Principal members of the Executive Committee:

  • Thierry Breton, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Thomson multimedia and THOMSON S.A
  • Al Arras, Senior Executive Vice President, Audio, ATLINKS and Digital Media Technologies businesses
  • Frank Dangeard, Senior Executive Vice President, Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors, Corporate Coordination
  • Charles Dehelly, Senior Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer, in charge of Operations Coordination, SPRING and SAFE Programs and Business Performance
  • John Neville, Senior Executive Vice President, SBU Patents and Licensing SBU New Media and Services
  • Lanny Raimondo, Senior Executive Vice President, Chief Executive Officer TECHNICOLOR, in charge of Digital Media Solutions

    Other members of the Executive Committee:

  • Olivier Barberot, Senior Vice-President, Human Resources
  • Jean-Charles Hourcade, Senior Vice-President, Chief Technology Officer, Research & Innovation
  • Julian Waldron, Senior Vice-President, Chief Financial Officer
  • Patrice Maynial, Senior Vice-President, Corporate Secretary
  • Eric Meurice, Executive Vice-President, Worlwide TV/Video
  • Marc Meyer, Senior Vice President, Communications and Entrepreneurship
  • Mike O'Hara, Executive Vice President, Worldwide Consumer Products Marketing and Sales
  • Enrique Rodriguez, Executive Vice President, SBU Broadband Access Products
  • Gilles Taldu, Executive Vice-President, SBU Displays and Components


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