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Committees of the Board of Directors

The Board of Directors receives the advice of three committees that were created in 1999.

1. The Strategic Committee is consulted with respect to projects linked to the development of the Group (investments and competitiveness), follow up on the development of industrial partnerships, and studies draft strategic memoranda of understanding (MOUs). Thereafter, it makes recommendations to the Board of Directors. The Strategic Committee met five times in 2000.

Members of the Strategic Committee are :

  • Thierry Breton, chairman of the Strategic Committee
  • Emmanuel Caquot
  • Didier Lombard
  • Olivier Houssin
  • Eddy W. Hartenstein
  • Iwao Shinohara
  • Bernard Vergnes

    2. The Audit Committee supervises the quality of the accounting and financial statements of the Group as well as all control procedures. The Audit Committee met twice in 2000.

    Members of the Audit Committee are :

  • Philippe de Fontaine-Vive, chairman of the Audit Committee
  • Marcel Roulet
  • Frank Dangeard
  • Olivier Houssin
  • Iwao Shinohara

    3. The People and Organisation Committee examines questions relating to the operation of the Board of directors, the methods for compensating management staff, projects permitting the development of employee shareholding, and profit-sharing incentive plans. The People and Organisation Committee met five times in 2000.

    Members of the People and Organisation Committee are :

  • Marcel Roulet, chairman of the People and Organization Committee
  • Thierry Breton
  • Pierre Cabanes
  • Eddy W. Hartenstein
  • Bernard Vergnes


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