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Direct Broadcast Satellite (DBS):
paving the digital highway

It was a June 1994 weekend. Jackson, Mississippi, was an unlikely place to have a new product introduction but crowds of consumers converged from all over the USA to buy Thomson's newly launched RCA brand Direct Broadcast Satellite (DBS) System. Before the weekend was over, the product was sold out of every store in the city. Ten months later, Thomson had manufactured and shipped its one-millionth unit making it the fastest growing consumer electronic entertainment product ever brought to market, much faster than the VCR, CD player, or even the color TV, which took over eight years to reach the one-million mark!

The continuing success of the Direct Broadcast Satellite product today (three million "set-top boxes" sold in 1999) merely confirms the remarkable foresight of a group of Thomson managers and engineers who realized over a decade ago that the future was digital. Together, they helped pave the first lane of the digital highway, and the technology they helped to develop has today evolved into platforms for a whole new generation of products.


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