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Plasma displays and components with NEC

Thomson multimedia and NEC, a global electronic component supplier, work together on the development and sale of DVD ROM drives for use in computers and other consumer electronic products.

The two groups have also signed an agreement concerning the co-development of integrated circuits, making NEC one of the Group's integrated circuit strategic partners.

In march 2001, NEC and Thomson multimedia have increased their commitments in the area of plasma display technology.

According to this lastest agreement, The exisiting Research and Development cooperation in plasma display technology will be reinforced through the launch of a Joint and Global Research and Development program, functioning as one sole integrated program, covering all aspects of plasma display panels and modules. Patents and know-how resulting from this program will be equally owned by NEC and Thomson multimedia.

Moreover, according to this agreement, the existing plasma display related patents of NEC and Thomson multimedia will be co-owned by the two companies on an equal basis, also giving each party reciprocal access and rights to the related technology of each party.

Finally, NEC and Thomson multimedia will work towards the establishment of a 50/50 joint venture company for Research and Development, manufacturing and sales of plasma display panels, modules and monitors. The two groups expect to enter into a definitive agreement for the establishment of this joint venture by the end of 2001.


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