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Digital terrestrial and Interactive TV
and media services with
Carlton Communications Plc

On January 15th, 2001, Thomson multimedia concluded an agreement with Carlton Communications plc, a leader in digital interactive television in the United Kingdom.

Thomson multimedia and Carlton Communications plc share a common vision regarding the importance of interactivity on television and other consumer electronics, which is expected to reshape the television experience of millions of consumers around the world and represents significant opportunies for both content and technology companies.

The agreement between Thomson multimedia and Carlton Communications includes the acquisition of Technicolor, the world leader in services to the media and content industries. Technicolor is the world leader in processing and distribution of motion picture films as well as the largest independent manufacturer and distributor of pre-recorded DVDs and video cassettes. Technicolor is a leader in digital lab services, has introduced digital rights management services to its clients base.

The two groups also start to cooperate in the field of interactive television and digital terrestrial. Thus, Carlton Communications plc is expected to invest up to $15 million in TAK.

Finally, according to this agreement, Carlton will own 5,5% of Thomson. This agreement was approved by the shareholders of the two Groups on March 12th, 2001, and Michael Green, Chairman of Carlton Communications Plc., was appointed member of the Board of Thomson.


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