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Manufacturing and Product Development sites

In the Americas, manufacturing facilities are situated in :

  • Belo Horizonte (Brazil) for components
  • Circleville (Ohio) for glass production
  • Juarez (Mexico) for TV, digital decoders and cable modems
  • Lancaster (Pennsylvania) for tubes development
  • Manaus (Brazil) for digital decoders
  • Marion (Indiana) for color TV picture tubes
  • Mexico City (Mexico) for tubes and components
  • Mexicali for large size color TV picture tubes (starts in July 2001)
  • Mocksville (North Carolina) a wood cabinet production plant for TV
  • Salt Lake City for professional equipment (Broadcast Solutions)
  • Toluca (Mexico) for communication products
  • Torreon (Mexico) for remote controls and components

    In Europe, manufacturing facilities are situated in :

  • Agnani (Italy) for tubes production
  • Angers (France), Zyrardow (Poland) for TV production
  • Bagneux (France) for glass production
  • Brenda (Netherlands) for professional equipment (Broadcast solutions)
  • Brest and Rennes (France) for professional equipment (Broadcast & Network Solutions)
  • Genlis (France) for decoders and components
  • Gray (France) for components
  • Malaga (Spain) for communications products (ATLINKS)
  • Moirans (France) for plasma screens production
  • Piaseczno (Poland) for tubes, components and glass production
  • Tonnerre (France) for VCRs
  • Villingen (Germany) for integrated circuits
  • Weiterstadt for professional equipment (Broadcast solutions)

    In Asia, manufacturing facilities are situated in :

  • Beijing (China)
  • Batam (Indonesia) for components
  • Dongguan and Guangzhou (China) for audio products
  • Foshan (China) for tubes production
  • Hong Kong (China) for audio and communications products (ATLINKS)
  • Guanghzou (China) for audio and communication products (ATLINKS)
  • Nantou (China) for optical key modules
  • Pathumtani (Thailand) for TV
  • Seoul (Korea) for audio products
  • Singapore for development of tuner


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