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Thomson multimedia
in the Americas

The main site in the Americas.

The United States:
Burbank (California): Technicolor, Entertainment Services, Professional Broadcast Equipment
Burlingame (California): sales office
Camarillo (California): Technicolor, Main Office
Circleville (Ohio): television picture tube glass production
Deptford (New Jersey): accessories business
El Paso (Socorro, Texas): Americas Logistics Center
Englewood (New Jersey): professional broadcast equipment and Technicolor, Cinema Services
Ft. Lee (New Jersey): sales office
Indianapolis (Indiana): Main Marketing and Sales sites in Americas
Hollywood (California): Technicolor, Imaging Group
Lancaster (Pennsylvania): Americas Tube Operations headquarters
Livonia (Michigan): Technicolor, Packaged Media Group
Marion (Indiana): television picture tube production
Memphis (Tennessee): Technicolor, Packaged Media Group Mocksville:
wood television cabinet production
New York: Technicolor, Screen Services & Film Group
North Hollywood (California): Technicolor, Worldwide Film Group
Ontario (California): Technicolor, Entertainment Services
Princeton (New Jersey): Patents and Licensing, Research and Innovation
Ramsey (New Jersey): professional broadcast equipment
Ruckersville (Vermont): Technicolor, Packaged Media Group
Salt Lake City (Utah): professional broadcast equipment
Seattle (Washington):
Scranton (Pennsylvania): Tubes
Studio City (California): Technicolor, Technical Digital Cinema
Wilmington (Ohio): Technicolor, Entertainment Services.

Calgary (Alberta): Technicolor, Packaged Media Group
Mississauga (Ontario): sales Thomson and ATLINKS sales office
Montreal (Quebec): Technicolor, Packaged Media and Film Group
Toronto (Ontario): Technicolor, Packaged Media Group

Juarez (5 production sites), Mexico city (Components and Technicolor Packaged Media Group) and Torreon (remote controls and other components)
Mexicali: Color television picture tubes and components (starts in July 2001) and Technicolor Packaged Media Group
Toluca : ATLINKS

Belo Horizonte: color television picture tube components
Manaus: digital satellite decoders


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