08/29/2002 : The free THOMSON Demo mp3PRO Player/Encoder for Windows® has been updated to version 1.1.0.

mp3PRO is now available for Mac OS with Audion 3.

Download mp3PRO files from mp3.com.

    Version 1.1.0
    File size 1.1 MB
Windows (9x, ME, 2000, NT and XP)

ENCODE .WAV files into mp3PRO files at 64 kbps.
PLAY back all mp3 and mp3PRO files.

Download THOMSON mp3PRO Player/Encoder

Changes in v1.1.0 compared to version v1.0.4:
complexity reductions for mp3PRO encoding by 30-50%
ignoring the CRC check when playing mp3/mp3PRO files
improved accuracy of the time slider for VBR and ID3v2 tagged files
improved robustness when playing corrupted mp3/mp3PRO files
added an option to encode the Original File Length in the bitstream, for such files the decoder would output a sample accurate .wav file on output

Changes in v1.0.4 compared to version v1.0.2:

encoding complexity reductions by ~25%
improved Low Complexity Stereo decoding
improved robustness when playing corrupted mp3/mp3PRO files

Changes in v1.0.2 compared to version v1.0:
Complexity reductions
Low Complexity Stereo decoding capabilities
slightly improved audio quality
Bugfix to avoid false PRO detection in plain mp3 files (occured in very rare cases with v1.0)
Bugfix to avoid problems with invalid wave headers
a more explicit warning dialogue for invalid input files (wav files in other format than 44.1 kHz linear PCM)

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    Version 1.0
    File size 180 Kb
Windows (9x, ME, 2000, NT)
    Tested on Winamp 2.7x

Play back mp3PRO files and streams on your Winamp player

Download free Winamp plugin for Nullsoft's Winamp

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> Download mp3PRO files and enjoy music on mp3.com

> mp3PRO ready hardware and software

> Coding technologies

> Fraunhofer IIS-A

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The world's most popular audio compression format gets even better! mp3PRO audio technology is both backwards and forwards compatible with mp3 and creates files that are 1/2 or less the size of original mp3 files, with great sound quality.

Developed by Coding Technologies, mp3PRO utilizes both Coding Technologies' codec enhancement technology and the pioneering work in the field of perceptual audio coding covered under the basic mp3 patents owned by Thomson and Fraunhofer.

About mp3PRO and compatibility

Using advanced psychoacoustics techniques and music structure analysis, mp3PRO creates files that are more compact than original mp3 files, with equal or better sound quality and complete backwards and forwards compatibility. Your old mp3 files will play completely normally on a new mp3PRO player. New mp3Pro files will play normally on old mp3 players, but without the dramatic mp3Pro improvements. Of course, new mp3PRO files played on a new mp3PRO decoder will provide the optimal listening experience!

How the mp3PRO technology works

When making an mp3PRO file, the new mp3PRO encoder splits audio recordings into two parts. One part analyzes the low frequency band information and encodes it into a normal mp3 stream. This allows the encoder to concentrate on less information and allows it to do a better job of encoding. This also maintains complete compatibility on old mp3 players. The second part analyzes the high frequency band information and encodes it into a part of the mp3 stream that is normally ignored by old mp3 decoders. New or upgraded mp3PRO decoders will tap into this part of the stream and put the two bands back together, resulting in the full audio bandwidth.

More Music on your media

Offering 128 kbps (kilo bits per second) performance at a 64 kbps-encoding rate, mp3PRO doubles the digital music capacity of flash memory and of compact discs. For example, traditional audio CDs hold about 15 songs, and an mp3 CD can hold 150 or more songs encoded at 128 kbps. In the near future, when mp3 CD players incorporate the mp3PRO decoder, consumers will be able to store over 300 songs on an mp3PRO encoded Compact Disc.

Sound Quality

The bottom line is mp3PRO provides superior sound quality at lower bit rates that traditional mp3..You simply have to experience the difference for yourself. Download the free Thomson mp3PRO encoder/decoder and create your own mp3PRO files from your own content and you be the judge.

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