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Thomson multimedia's RCA DWD495RG assures viewers always have favorite programs to watch with up to 70 hours of recording capability

New RCA®-DIRECTV™ Receiver with UltimateTV Service Provides Consumers With Direct Path To Instant Home Entertainment Enjoyment

LAS VEGAS, January 7, 2002 - Thomson multimedia (Paris Euroclear: 18453) (NYSE: TMS) is working to assure that the consumer will always have something good to watch on television with the introduction of the DWD495RG RCA®-DIRECTV set-top receiver with UltimateTV service from Microsoft. The DWD495RG (suggested retail price $399), with a hard-disc drive that records up to 70 hours of DIRECTV programming*, increases two-fold the capacity of prior models to capture a favorite program at the touch of a button.

"Whether it's a season full of professional football, the college basketball playoffs, several of your favorite movies, or a popular prime time series, the DWD495RG offers the viewer a direct path to instant entertainment," said Thomson's Dave Spomer, Vice President - Digital Decoders. "We think of the DWD495RG as the big brother to the RCA DWD490RE (suggested retail price $299) which records up to 35 hours of programming."

The DWD495RG is the second RCA-DIRECTV Receiver with UltimateTV service capability to be offered by Thomson. In 2001, the company introduced the DWD490RE, the first direct broadcast satellite TV platform to combine dual-tuner DIRECTV programming reception, digital video recording, Internet access and interactive TV in a single integrated receiver.

(DIRECTV programming and UltimateTV service are sold separately for
RCA-DIRECTV receivers).

Defying conventional thought, the DWD495RG is a product that provides all elements of home entertainment in a single, convenient package - the best in satellite programming, the ability to customize viewing selections and the ability to watch a favorite program at any chosen time.

The DWD495RG and the DWD490RE combine built-in hard-disk drives with two DIRECTV digital satellite tuners. One-touch video recording and live television controls such as pause, rewind, skip back, or slow motion put the viewer in control of program action. In addition, consumers can also fast-forward and skip ahead through previously recorded programming. This means that viewers may never miss a single scene from favorite shows.

Both satellite receivers are capable of delivering live Picture-in-Picture, enabling consumers to watch one show while recording another or even record two shows at the same time.** Since many of today's most-watched programs are aired at the same time, this feature means the viewer will never have to sacrifice one favorite show for another.

The UltimateTV service was developed by Microsoft Corp., leaders in the development and delivery of enhanced TV services. UltimateTV brings together live TV broadcast controls, digital video recording, MSN TV Internet service and enhanced television features to create an outstanding television experience. Microsoft UltimateTV is previewing its latest service upgrade at the Consumer Electronics Show, which promises major new enhancements and capabilities.

Viewer choice is a major advantage of the new system as the receiver incorporates the DIRECTV Advanced Program Guide (APG) that enables consumers to access up to 14 days of DIRECTV program listings. The entire guide can be easily searched by key word or by category such as comedy, adventure or mystery to locate a desired program. With the touch of a button on the remote control, consumers can automatically record a program on the hard-disk drive for viewing at their leisure. Programs can be easily transferred to a VHS cassette.

* Actual recording time may vary depending on the type of programming being recorded.

** For full functionality, this receiver requires connection of two satellite inputs from a dual output RCA DIRECTV dish/antenna.

* * *

This press release contains forward-looking statements regarding prospects for the future that involve a number of risks and uncertainties. Among the factors that could cause actual income to differ materially from those expected are the following: business conditions and general economic conditions; competitive factors such as pricing and marketing efforts of rival companies; timing of product introductions; ability of contract manufacturers to meet product price objectives and delivery schedules; legislative, regulatory, and industry initiatives that may affect planned or actual product features and marketing methods; and the pace and success of product research and development. For more information on the potential factors that could affect the company's financial income, please review the relevant SEC filings.


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