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RCA Lyra Personal Jukebox stores thousands of songs and computer files in a portable, lightweight package

Versatile Hard Drive Lets Users Store Music from Hundreds of CDs, Computer Programs, Files, Digital Images, and Presentations

LAS VEGAS, January 7, 2002 - With a 10GB hard-disc drive big enough to hold thousands of songs as well as computer files and digital images, the versatile RCA LYRA Personal Jukebox is about to change the way consumers store collections of mp3 music, presentations, and favorite digital photos. Compatible with both the Mac and PC platforms, the RCA LYRA Personal Jukebox from Thomson multimedia (Paris Euroclear: 18453) (NYSE: TMS) is mp3PRO-ready for a spring 2002 software download that will double the unit's storage capacity for digital music by utilizing the improved mp3PRO music format.

This combination audio player and storage device supports both mp3 and mp3PRO playback and functions as a computer hard drive. When updated to play mp3PRO files, the 10GB RCA LYRA Personal Jukebox will store 300 hours of music - the equivalent of most consumers' entire CD library - in one device. The LYRA Personal Jukebox, Model RD2800, will be available in late spring with a suggested retail price of $299.

"As the co-developer of mp3 and mp3PRO, Thomson multimedia is uniquely positioned to be a strong competitor in the fast growing audio jukebox category," said Mark Redmond, Vice President, Worldwide Audio Products, Thomson multimedia. "Utilizing our vast knowledge and experience in coding technology, our team has developed an advanced, but affordable digital storage device that is compatible with PCs and Macs. We have taken the jukebox concept one step further by incorporating computer storage capability and other unique features not found on other digital audio jukebox products," Redmond added.

Multifunctional, robust, and lightweight, the RCA LYRA Personal Jukebox is more than just a music storage and playback device - it also provides complete hard drive capability. Consumers can use the LYRA Personal Jukebox to store and transport files from a desktop, including digital images, and presentation and word processing documents. Users can also download and store information from the Internet. Weighing just 11 ounces, the RD2800 is compatible with both the PC and Mac platforms (Windows 98SE, Windows Millennium Edition, Windows XP, or Mac OS X.)

Using the included USB cable, consumers can transfer a typical three-minute song from a computer to the LYRA Personal Jukebox hard drive in just four seconds. Users can easily create playlists from the songs stored on the Jukebox for personalized listening enjoyment, instead of on the PC. A rechargeable battery provides 12 hours of playback time and the unit's 8MB memory buffer allows seven minutes of continuous playback from the unit's built-in anti-shock memory at 128kpbs and 14 minutes at 64kpbs for
skip-free music. Another time saving feature of the LYRA Personal Jukebox is Automatic Sync, which updates both the desktop computer and the LYRA Personal Jukebox so that they have identical content.

Consumers will enjoy the extensive sorting capability that enables them to quickly access their favorite songs. LYRA Personal Jukebox offers seven sorting options: by artist, album, title, genre, user playlist, audio file and all files. Additionally, the unit has an eight-line backlit LCD screen that displays information including playlist name, song title, artist title, album name, genre, current track being played, volume level indicator, elapsed time of track or pause indicator, playback mode indicator, bit-rate and DSP setting. Six adjustable DSP music settings accommodate different types of music (Bass, Rock, Pop, Jazz) and listening preferences (custom bass and treble settings) and the unit offers customized five-track graphic equalization.

The RCA LYRA Personal Jukebox comes with MusicMatch music management software. For added convenience, the device also includes a car adapter kit that lets consumers enjoy their tunes on the road and a line out cable for easy connection to a home audio system. Back Band headphones make for comfortable personal listening. Additionally, the unit's shock-mounted hard drive is designed for rugged portable use.

* * *

This press release contains forward-looking statements regarding prospects for the future that involve a number of risks and uncertainties. Among the factors that could cause actual income to differ materially from those expected are the following: business conditions and general economic conditions; competitive factors such as pricing and marketing efforts of rival companies; timing of product introductions; ability of contract manufacturers to meet product price objectives and delivery schedules; legislative, regulatory, and industry initiatives that may affect planned or actual product features and marketing methods; and the pace and success of product research and development. For more information on the potential factors that could affect the company's financial income, please review the relevant SEC filings.


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