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Three new RCA Scenium plasma models from Thomson multimedia offer full HDTV monitor capability for 2002

Sight and Sound Experience of Flat-Panel, Wall Mountable TVs Rival Nature for Realism, Color Imagery to Deliver Outstanding Home Theater Experience

LAS VEGAS, January 7, 2002 - Thomson multimedia (Paris Euroclear: 18453) (NYSE: TMS) is focusing new energy on flat-panel plasma television in 2002 by offering three ultra-thin RCA Scenium 16x9 widescreen models with full HDTV monitor capability. The three models are designed to deliver a realistic home-theater viewing experience by combining advanced display technology with lightweight design.

Thomson's global Scenium strategy leverages the company's technology and product development expertise to market a premium line of high-technology consumer products. The three plasma HDTV monitors are among a range of RCA Scenium digital products that will continue to grow to include a wide variety of other high-end home entertainment devices.

"The RCA Scenium digital plasma line produces astounding picture performance that rivals nature itself in its color imagery and sharpness of focus," said Thomson's Tom Gospel, Product Manager, Advanced Television. "Moreover, the sight and sound experience of these products can be enjoyed in virtually any room, on any wall, for both consumer and commercial applications."

For 2002, Thomson will offer the RCA Scenium PHD42400, replacing the 42-inch (diagonal) model previously available only with VGA capability, the RCA Scenium 50-inch PHD50400 with new and improved video performance, and the RCA Scenium PHD61400, a 61-inch (diagonal) screen that provides a viewing area almost five feet wide for a dramatic recreation of the theater experience. Each provides spectacular HDTV images when powered by a high-definition source.

The three plasma monitors are high-performance XGA-compatible, making them ideal for corporate applications including conference room meeting support, boardroom and sales presentations, video conferencing and dynamic signage in building lobbies and shared areas. Combined, the three HDTV monitors offer one of the industry's broadest selections in flat-screen plasma viewing. With a maximum depth ranging from 4.0 to only 4.7 inches, any of the three monitors is adaptable to wall mounting or placement in various room locations on an optional free-standing base.

The RCA Scenium monitors are equipped with an array of connections to accommodate a wide range of external components. Connections include Composite S/Video inputs, YPrPb Component Video inputs, copy protected DVI-HDTV inputs, HD/PC/RGB inputs, and PC compatibility with VGA, SVGA, XGA, and SXGA displays. The monitors' Advanced On-Screen Menu System provides for easy adjustment of most pictures, sound and convenience features using the remote control or TV front-panel buttons. The units' universal remote control features a new ergonomic design and color-coded buttons for complete TV operation plus control of the primary functions of most brands of VCRs, satellite systems and cable boxes.

To achieve powerful audio, the RCA Scenium plasma monitors feature a built-in amplifier for enhanced stereo performance and can power optional left/right or surround speakers.

RCA Scenium Plasma HDTV monitors are equipped with the ultimate in plasma technology for the most advanced viewing experience in the marketplace today. Among performance enhancement features are:

3D Y/C Digital Comb Filter

The three dimensional filter evaluates both current and future video information to eliminate dot and edge crawl while providing for better transition between scene changes, resulting in a dramatically enhanced picture.

Capsulated Color Filter

Capsulated Color Filter (CCF) technology improves color response to deliver the most realistic color rendering available in plasma monitors. CCF technology is a series of red, green and blue filters bonded within the monitors' front glass substrate. The CCF filter optimizes the color spectrum of visible light emitted from the panel and incorporates a black matrix that helps the panel absorb external light, reduces reflections and improves the reproduction of blackness in the picture. The result is realistic color, enhanced contrast and an exceptional screen image.

Professional Color Management Control

The control system complements the CCF technology by allowing a simple and accurate adjustment of on-screen color temperature settings using the monitor's
on-screen user menus. Color temperatures can be easily adjusted to meet specific applications or personal preferences.

SYNCROSCAN Conversion Technology

The SYNCROSCAN system automatically delivers high-resolution pixel mapping from sources up to SXGA resolution, resulting in computer graphics displays of superior accuracy and stability as well as screen images of excellent clarity from the highest resolution signal sources.

* * *

This press release contains forward-looking statements regarding prospects for the future that involve a number of risks and uncertainties. Among the factors that could cause actual income to differ materially from those expected are the following: business conditions and general economic conditions; competitive factors such as pricing and marketing efforts of rival companies; timing of product introductions; ability of contract manufacturers to meet product price objectives and delivery schedules; legislative, regulatory, and industry initiatives that may affect planned or actual product features and marketing methods; and the pace and success of product research and development. For more information on the potential factors that could affect the company's financial income, please review the relevant SEC filings.


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