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Thomson multimedia expands range of high-end RCA Scenium line with new HDTV, DVD and audio products

Plasma HDTV Monitors, Flat-Screen TV/DVD, Innovative DVD and Audio Products Further Enhance RCA Premium Brand Strategy

LAS VEGAS, January 7, 2002 - The RCA Scenium line will grow this year to include a broader selection of flat-panel plasma, rear projection and direct-view HDTV monitors and sets, as well as additional high-end audio and video components. Thomson multimedia (Paris Euroclear: 18453) (NYSE: TMS) introduced the first of the new RCA Scenium products today at the International Consumer Electronics Show. New HDTV monitors and sets will include copy-protected interfaces for seamless distribution of high-quality digital content as well as other convenience features designed to make digital entertainment even easier for consumers to enjoy.

New to the RCA Scenium line is a 61-inch rear-projection HDTV set with integrated ATSC reception, a flat-screen TV/DVD combo HDTV monitor, and innovative audio and DVD products.

"The new members of the RCA Scenium product range on display this week reinforce our commitment to the high-end market by combining world-class innovation, expressive design, excellence in performance and ease of use," said Thomson's Eric Meurice, Executive Vice President - TV/Video Worldwide. "Products such as the spectacular new plasma HDTV monitors offer a new total entertainment experience, typical of the RCA Scenium range."

RCA Scenium, introduced in mid-2001 with HDTV products, is the centerpiece of Thomson's strategy to leverage its technology and product development expertise on a worldwide basis to market a single premium line of advanced home entertainment products. Today's unveiling demonstrates the company's plans to expand the Scenium range to embrace a wide variety of additional high-performance products.

Offered as the best of Thomson's range, Scenium products are also marketed under the Thomson Scenium brand name throughout Europe. To achieve even greater synergy, Thomson globalized its marketing and sales functions, as well as product management functions for television, video and accessories products.

Ultra-Thin Plasma: A Wall of Entertainment

Combining elegance and technology in a flat-panel 16x9 widescreen viewing package with a maximum depth of only 4.7 inches, the RCA Scenium Plasma HDTV Monitor series for 2002 includes the 61-inch (diagonal) PHD61400, the 50-inch PHD50400 and the 42-inch PHD42400 models.

Equally at home as the focal point of a consumer entertainment system or hanging on a corporate boardroom wall, all three monitors feature a super-bright widescreen display and 3D Y/C Digital Frame Comb Filter for the ultimate in color separation. The monitors are equipped with DVI-HDTV copy protection technology and can display high-definition TV images received through a separate set-top decoder.

Performance enhancements for the new RCA Scenium plasma range include Capsulated Color Filter (CCF) technology for improved color response, resulting in the most realistic color rendering available in plasma monitors. Complementing CCF technology is Professional Color Management Control which allows simple and accurate adjustment of on-screen color temperature settings through the monitors' on-screen user menus. In addition, SYNCROSCAN conversion technology automatically delivers high-resolution pixel mapping from signal sources up to SXGA resolution, resulting in excellent clarity.

61-Inch Integrated Projection HDTV With Copy-Protected Inputs

The 61-inch (diagonal) RCA Scenium HD61W140 16x9 widescreen rear projection HDTV with integrated ATSC tuner is designed to capture and display today's over-the-air digital broadcasts and features leading-edge technology that anticipates future innovations. Built around the Microsoft Windows CE 3.0 operating system, the HD61W140 includes DVI-HDTV video and DTVLink (1394) input connections for high-definition cable and satellite programming. The HDTV set's Windows CE-based operating system, combined with an Ethernet connection, also provides for present and future digital home networking applications such as broadband web processing (including Internet browser) and product software upgrades.

Encased in a handsome high-tech cabinet that reflects the unit's advanced features, the HD61W140 is capable of displaying over 1 million pixels of digital video resolution and features a high-definition optical system, hi-gain dark-tint screen for 25 percent improved picture brightness, high-resolution projection picture tubes, INTELLIFOCUS auto convergence and a built-in screen protector. Convenience features include Interactive Format Control which allows viewers to choose the format of the picture including 4x3 centered (positions analog picture in center of screen) 4x3 expanded (horizontally stretches 4x3 image to fill 16x9 screen) and 16x9 expanded (helps letterboxed material fill 16x9 screen). Additional features include a built-in Gemstar Interactive TV Guide, 60 watts total audio power,
seven-band graphic equalizer, a fully enclosed speaker system and SRS TruSurround/Focus surround sound capability.

Flat HDTV Monitor with DVD Delivers Flat-out Fun

The RCA Scenium D34W135D combines a 34-inch (diagonal) flat 16x9 widescreen direct-view HDTV monitor with a built-in DVD player that delivers a full package of entertainment for consumers. The monitor/DVD player features the latest in connectivity with SYNCROSCAN component video inputs and DVI-HDTV video connections for high definition cable and satellite programming. An exclusive feature of the cabinet is the "Clip'On" frame system that allows consumers to choose from multiple colors of decorative frames. The frames clip onto the face of the TV, enabling viewers to adapt the cabinet design for various types of room décor.

The D34W135D features progressive scan up-conversion, 1080i and 480p display capability, interactive format control and automatic letterbox detection to fill out the 16x9 widescreen viewing area. Additional performance enhancements include a three-line digital comb filter for sharper, smoother images, INVAR shadow mask, auto-convergence, 10 watts per channel audio power, five-band graphic equalizer, subwoofer output and an enclosed speaker system. A fully illuminated backlit universal remote control is included.

World Class Viewing Plus DVD-Audio

The RCA Scenium DRC700N is an advanced DVD player in a high-tech mirror finish that assures viewers of outstanding enjoyment of movie viewing in the home. The DRC700N features progressive scan capability for smoother pictures with deep, rich colors. For audio buffs, the DRC700N features DVD-Audio, the high-resolution, multi-channel audio complement to DVD-Video. When the DRC700N is connected to a receiver with six-channel analog input and five or six full range surround sound speakers, it provides realistic theater-quality audio from a DVD-Audio disc.

For convenience when viewing movies, the DRC700N features Scene Again, a function that provides instant access to any missed movie scene. The viewer can jump back approximately six seconds with each press of the Scene Again button on the remote control, enabling the consumer to view the missed video or audio without the hassle of rewinding and fast-forwarding in search of the missed scene.

Additional features and capabilities include headphone jack with volume control, built-in Dolby Digital and DTS decoder, touch-sensor front panel controls, mp3 playback capability, and playback for all DVD, CD, CD-R/RW, DVD+/RW and Video CD discs. The DRC700N provides for multiple output connections including component video, S-video, one set of gold A/V composite jacks, optical and coaxial digital output jack, and 5.1 channel output jacks.

Audio Enhances Home Entertainment Options

The RT2660 Home Theater System serves as a strong complement to the RCA Scenium TV and video products with a 550-watt Dolby Digital Surround/DTS receiver that enables consumers to achieve optimum theater-like audio from their home entertainment centers. The RT2660 provides for Dolby Digital and Dolby Pro Logic II to transform stereo sound into multi-channel 5.1 surround along with DTS® surround decoding and DSP mode for improved realism in audio. The system includes six-channel external direct input for future upgradeability, digital AM/FM stereo tuner with 40 presets, front A/V Jacks, three S/Video connections, three optical inputs and one optical output. Convenience features include Quick Connect Guide, color-coded transparent wiring and color-coded speaker terminal along with a universal remote control.

A perfect complement to the RT2660 system is the Danish-designed six-speaker audio package which comprises five 100-watt speakers plus a 100-watt subwoofer. The contemporary design of the speakers is a stylish addition to any room décor and can be placed in various locations, vertically, horizontally or wall-mounted. The magnetically shielded speakers feature two-way bass reflex, four-inch polypropylene woofer and Dome tweeter with Ferrofluid cooling. The subwoofer features electronic bass reflex and eight-inch woofer with 100-watt rated output. All speaker terminals are gold plated.

* * *

This press release contains forward-looking statements regarding prospects for the future that involve a number of risks and uncertainties. Among the factors that could cause actual income to differ materially from those expected are the following: business conditions and general economic conditions; competitive factors such as pricing and marketing efforts of rival companies; timing of product introductions; ability of contract manufacturers to meet product price objectives and delivery schedules; legislative, regulatory, and industry initiatives that may affect planned or actual product features and marketing methods; and the pace and success of product research and development. For more information on the potential factors that could affect the company's financial income, please review the relevant SEC filings.


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